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Our care extends across your healthcare journey.
We solve problems and also work hard to prevent them.

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Serving You

From day-to-day support, to care coordination and help navigating the behavioral health system, we help you with the big stuff and the small stuff, as much and as often as you need. When you work with Mindoula, you get all of us. One of us will always be available to pick up the phone or text you. We wear many hats to help you along the path to a healthier mind and happier life. We don’t treat you, we serve you, and we're available to you day and night, 365 days a year.

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Collaborating With Providers In Our Network

Our clinical services team is a group of talented psychiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and clinical care managers who provide a full range of outpatient behavioral healthcare that complements our non-clinical case management and peer support services. By having our own clinical services team, we ensure that you have priority access to top behavioral health clinicians who accept most insurances, and who use validated screens and outcome measures to track and turbocharge your progress.

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Coordinating With Providers Outside Our Network

Our internal Provider Referral Guide, painstakingly built and maintained over a 20 year period, allows us to match you with the best providers outside our provider network to ensure that you get the best and most affordable care that’s right for your unique situation. Whether it’s a referral to a psychiatrist, therapist, physician, or even to a residential treatment facility, intensive outpatient program, or support group, we can coordinate all of your care and your transitions between different types of care.

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