Better Outcomes

We reduce hospital readmissions by more than 70% for the 32-day period following discharge for populations with serious mental illness and medical comorbidities, and we significantly reduce ED utilization too. We do this by staying engaged with discharging members, coordinating care, addressing social determinants of health, and providing personalized 24/7 team-based support.

We do a lot of other cool stuff too.

Programs for Providers

Readmissions & ED Utilization Reduction

Our 24/7, team based, tech-enabled approach engages patients in a way that delivers actionable quantitative and qualitative data sets that trigger proactive case management interventions. Our hospital readmissions reduction program has reduced 32-day readmissions by more than 70% for psych discharges, and has expanded to include med-surg discharges, as well as frequent ED utilizers. Currently deployed in 5 hospitals, this program is setting the standard for readmissions reduction.

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Collaborative Care

We offer the only virtual collaborative care solution that has been market-validated by over three years of testing, delivering high patient engagement and provider satisfaction. Our virtual approach allows us to overlay any primary care practice and integrate seamlessly with existing practice workflows, treating standard mental health and substance use disorders, identifying undiagnosed high risk patients before they become high cost patients, and generating revenue for PCP’s.

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Psychiatry and Tele-Psych

We offer turnkey inpatient psychiatry services to staff and manage hospital psychiatry units. We also operate a narrow network of outpatient psychiatry practices that employ measurement-based care and accept most insurances, and provide psychiatric consultations under our Collaborative Care program. Our telepsychiatry program extends and enhances provider networks and capacities, and includes tele-psych consults to hospital ED’s and medical units.

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ED Overlay

We virtually overlay the Emergency Departments with a 24/7 insurance authorization and bed finding service that supports hospital crisis teams, reduces ED wait times by more than 60%, and helps reduce ED boarding. The program includes obtaining benefits and authorizations, compiling reference packets for hospital behavioral health teams, and coordinating with the hospital behavioral health unit or other facility to place program patients.

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