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Programs for Payers

Mindoula programs for payers are structured by level of severity of members’ behavioral health and medical needs, and priced in accordance with this need spectrum. Our programs (ranging from low to high level of member need) include:

Adaptive Data Science

Our adaptive data science approach allows us to match members with the right programs, and guarantee 2x – 3x ROI’s net of our fees.

Enrollment Success

We use a successful top down approach in enrolling members.

Top down risk stratification and outreach based on need

Percentage with whom contact will be made


Percentage who will accept offer of enrollment


Sustained Engagement Ensures Results

The trusted relationships we form with members by delivering 24/7 virtual and in-person support ensures sustained, engaged relationships that help members improve behavioral, medical, and social determinants of health.

Getting Started With Us Is Easy

  • We don’t overlap or duplicate other health plan or vendor programs
  • Often we engage and serve the most difficult-to-reach members.
  • Our analytics and reporting complement payer capabilities.
  • We can contract as a vendor or value-based provider.
  • We take full risk against our fees in return for a 50/50 gain share for total cost of care reductions above our fees.