Better Outcomes

We reduce the total cost of care for members with behavioral health and chronic medical conditions by 30% - 50%. We do this by reducing readmissions and ED utilization, addressing social determinants of health, closing care gaps, and providing personalized 24/7 team-based support.

We engage and enroll more than 80% of the members we target.

We do a lot of other cool stuff too.

Programs for Payers

Med/Psych Population Health Management

We deliver next generation population health management solutions for populations with mental illness and medical comorbidities. We scale mobile technology, real-time analytics, proprietary psychometrics, and the essential human connection to reduce costs and improve outcomes for even the most complex and expensive populations. We’re happy to go at risk for the program and enter into gain share arrangements.

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Interpersonal Violence Reduction

We provide personalized supportive services to members who have experienced acts of intimate or interpersonal violence. We focus on member safety and violence reduction through psychosocial support, skills training, supported employment, and coordinating services with network providers, community service providers, social service organizations, schools, and informal support networks.

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Collaborative Care

We offer the only virtual collaborative care solution that has been market-validated by over three years of testing, delivering high patient engagement and provider satisfaction. Our virtual approach allows us to overlay any primary care practice and integrate seamlessly with existing practice workflows, treating standard mental health and substance use disorders, and identifying undiagnosed high risk patients before they become high cost patients.

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Our telepsychiatry program extends and enhances provider networks and capacities by virtually deploying psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and allied behavioral health professionals to support hospitals, outpatient practices, community agencies, and senior living facilities. The program integrates telepsychiatry into existing clinical service settings to fill in network gaps and serve underserved populations.

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