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Concierge Care

We all play a role in improving and protecting our own mental health, choosing effective treatments, managing long-term challenges and conditions, living our best life, and becoming our best self. At Mindoula a hand-picked concierge care team provides the support and navigation to effective treatment you need to achieve your mental health goals… and often those of a loved one too.

What Our Program Offers

Our Concierge Care Program is comprised of four elements:

24/7 Support

Around-the-clock virtual and in-person case management

Psychoeducation & Skills Training

App-based content and virtual coaching to help self-manage complex challenges.

Provider Referrals

Help for you or your loved ones in finding the right providers

How We're Different

Setting a New Standard

Centered on our respect for the uniqueness and potential of the people we serve, our around-the-clock, team-based and measurement-based care is setting a new standard in behavioral healthcare.

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Rooted in Human Connection

The key to our success is the quality of the trusted bond we earn by caring and not giving up on anyone. We open our hearts to the people we serve because we truly care.

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Amplified by Technology

Our Mindoula Messenger app, telehealth platform, and predictive analytics software help us deliver personalized care that significantly reduces the cost of getting and staying better.

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Featured Service Offering: Benefits Assistance

We help individuals and families filing for Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI, food stamps, and housing vouchers. We also help people find new insurance, file claims for the insurance they already have, advocate for them with insurance companies and providers, complete related paperwork, and provide benefits counseling. If benefits change or get canceled, we help contest these changes. We also help when time off from work is needed due to a disability.

18 Things We Do Most

  1. Benefits Counseling and Coordination (including filing for Medicaid, Medicare, SSI, SSDI, food stamps, and housing vouchers)
  2. Life Skills Training
  3. Housing Support
  4. Psychosocial Support & Social Skills Training
  5. Empathetic Support
  6. Problem-solving / Decision-making Support
  7. Medication Adherence
  8. Vocational Skill Training & Career Guidance
  9. Academic Support
  10. Provider Coordination (including linking members with providers in their network and referrals to IOP, PPHP, Residential Rehabilitation, Detox, Crisis Beds, and Addiction Treatment)
  11. Community Resource Support
  12. Emergency Medication Appointments
  13. Family Conflict Resolution / Family Work
  14. Administration
  15. Organization
  16. Micro & Macro Therapies
  17. Drop-in Support
  18. Crisis Intervention/Resolution

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